I recently met Ferronato Shen via a referral from my horse's farrier, and little did I know how much my horse's and my lives would be altered in amazing and wonderful ways.

Thanks to her expert and compassionate rehabilitative work with him, we can look forward to a future without the disconnection and pain that has unfortunately become a daily reality for him. He's a very expressive horse, and has made it clear that he trusts her, which confirms my own faith in her abilities and talents.

She is likewise very generous with me in the sharing of her knowledge. I learn many valuable things in every encounter, and am grateful for the new paths now open to help me be a better steward of my horse.

Because of my experiences with her, I have also recently begun to donate my time and resources to Three Treasures Farms, and am pleased to be able to support the positive effects of their efforts on behalf of horses and children in our community. - Valerie Reed Bonfils

In one lesson with Ferronato I learned more than in the past ten years of lessons I had taken with other trainers. Anyone who watches what she does with horses can't help being impressed. - Gen Loeser.

I was thinking last night about you and the horses and how much you taught me. Something stuck in my mind about your pace/gait when you are walking along side a horse. You take their pace and are in their head space not yours as you walk. At least that.s what I thought I saw. It is kind of like looking at a good mom as she walks along with her kid- letting them 'be' while guiding, focusing on them while still keeping them along the right way. - Nancy Schwartz

It is with reverence and respect for children and horses that we commit our lives to improving theirs. Our goal with Three Treasures Farms is to assist others by lending our knowledge so that people are empowered to make their lives and the lives of horses better.