A Brief History of Three Treasures Farms

Executive Director, Ferronato Shen, originally began Three Treasures Farms in 1998 as a for-profit company.

Ferronato started working with horses at the age of 7, at the Oregon Dressage Institute, and purchased her first horse, Tahoe, when she was 17. She studied riding and competed as a Hunter/Jumper and Dressage rider.

In addition to her time with horses, Ferronato also worked as a peer counselor to troubled teens while still in high school, and went on to earn college degrees in both psychology and criminology. After graduation, she began working with at-risk youth professionally.

While studying and establishing herself in her field, she put her first love of working with horses on the sideline, though still spending as much time with her horse as possible.

In 1998, Ferronato left her career as a professional counselor working with adolescent sex offenders to go into training horses full time, choosing Three Treasures Farms as her business name.

The business focus at that time was on helping problem horses and colt starting. Ferronato discovered that most "problem horses" suffered from pain-related issues, and her training began to center more and more on massage and rehabilitative techniques.

In 2004, Ferronato teamed up with Hunter/Jumper trainer Fred Lackman, and her focus shifted back to working with performance horses.

In 2008, the partnership ended. At that time, Ferronato decided that working in the for-profit horse industry, particularly with high-dollar show horses, made her feel like part of the problem, rather than the solution. She decided to take her company in an entirely new direction.

Thus began the lengthy process of transforming Three Treasures Farms into a 501c3 non-profit. This shift allowed her to help relieve horses of their pain, while beginning to work once again with at-risk kids to make a positive impact in their lives.

By relocating from Portland to the Eugene area in 2009, Three Treasures Farms has been able to reduce their overhead expenses, which has allowed them to continue working to fulfill their mission in these troubled economic times.

Three Treasures Farms is excited about the relocation, as the Eugene area is a excellent fit for their Environmental Stewardship programs, helping them to make the world a better place for humanity and horses alike.

It is with reverence and respect for children and horses that we commit our lives to improving theirs. Our goal with Three Treasures Farms is to assist others by lending our knowledge so that people are empowered to make their lives and the lives of horses better.