Frequently Asked Questions

What classes do you offer?
For a list of the classes currently available, please email us. For information about all our classes, including those not currently in the teaching rotation, please see our Classes page.

Can I visit the horses?
Our horses are housed at private facilities, and for liability reasons, as well as the privacy and protection of the horses, we cannot have visitors at our barns. For lots of great pictures and news about our horses, including when they'll be at fundraisers and other events for public meet-and-greets, please become a fan on our Facebook page.

How can I become a volunteer?
For a list of volunteer opportunities that are currently available, please see our Volunteers page.

I'd like to rescue a horse, are yours available for adoption?
The horses who have been accepted into Three Treasures Farms' rescue and rehabilitation programs have significant health issues or histories that make them inappropriate for adoption, and we provide them with a lifetime safe haven at one of our facilities. Since our funding doesn't allow us to offer this to every horse in need, we have established a Sponsorship Program which will match adoptable horses with appropriate foster families. For more information regarding this program, please email us.

How do I apply for a scholarship?
Scholarships are available as funding allows. For a list of our scholarships, and the latest information about open positions, please visit our Scholarships page.

I'd like to help but don't have much money, what can I do?
First of all, thank you! All the horses and humans at Three Treasures Farms deeply appreciate everyone who provides us the help we need to keep running. Every penny counts, so just because you don't have hundreds of dollars to donate right now, doesn't mean that your financial contribution can't make a difference. Please check our How You Can Help page for a variety of ways that you can help.

One of the best ways you can help costs nothing at all! Social networking has become very important to non-profits, and having a large fanbase can help us win grants from national sponsors. Become a fan on Facebook to help us with this, and you'll get fun stories and great information about horse care in your news feed at the same time!

It is with reverence and respect for children and horses that we commit our lives to improving theirs. Our goal with Three Treasures Farms is to assist others by lending our knowledge so that people are empowered to make their lives and the lives of horses better.