Three Treasures Farms Equine Massage Program

Three Treasures Farms offers a full series of classes in Equine Massage. More information on the classes is available here. After completing the course, students may continue on into our year-long Internship Program, in order to become certified by us as professional Equine Massage Therapists.

What it means to be certified in Equine Massage Therapy:

Due to the fact that no state regulatory board oversees Equine Massage as a discipline, certifications are issued by the individual schools. Therefore, the value of these certifications and the breadth of knowledge that they represent varies widely.

While there are many excellent equine massage certification programs, we feel that it is difficult for people to absorb all the information and work to their full potential in massage courses that are only one or two weeks in length. These intensive courses also tend to be so cost-prohibitive that the average horse owner, who just wants to improve her relationship to her horse, can't afford the expense, thereby missing out on the wonderful opportunities massage provides.

What our students receive from our massage course:

Each of the three courses includes 24 hours of coursework over a 12 week period; students wishing to receive a certificate of completion for each course must attend or make up all class hours. Classes are four hours in length, and the time is split between discussing the information provided in the handouts in the classroom and hands-on learning with the horses in the stable. In addition to attending all of the classes, students must pass a competency exam which, like the class, is both written and hands-on. This helps to ensure that they have a thorough understanding of the concepts covered in each course and are ready to go to the next stage of learning. For students wishing to have a career in Equine Massage Therapy, we have a one year internship program in which we assist students with finding horses to work on, perfecting what they have learned in the course, as well as connecting them with clients seeking treatment.

Internship Program:

In this phase of the program students are assisted in locating horses on which to continue practicing, under the supervision of the instructor. Assistance and supervision are available for students who have located their own horses to work with. Students must keep records of horses worked with, and regular check in is required for quality control. Field trips to both rescues and horse shows are available. Referrals from people seeking massage are given as appropriate. Study sessions and rehabilitative work are available within the 3TF programs.

Biography of Instructor

Ferronato Shen has been attracted to the study of massage since childhood, beginning with giving massages to friends at sleepovers as a young child, evolving into helping friends in college with a variety of pain issues. She has taken numerous courses and received training in various forms of massage and energy healing associated with massage over the years.

She was inspired by her first horse, Tahoe--a thoroughbred mare, who during her riding career had many behavioral problems that Ferronato discovered resolved themselves better with bodywork than traditional training methods. Later in life, Tahoe sustained a serious hip injury which needed intensive rehabilitative attention. It was after this injury in 1995 that Ferronato began working with veterinarians in her area to study biomechanics of motion in the horse as well as taking an in-depth look at equine anatomy so that she could better assist Tahoe in her healing. At the time there were few people specializing in alternative treatments and equine massage therapy was almost unheard of. Through the assistance of local veterinarians providing her with reading material, often from their own libraries of veterinary textbooks, and assisting her with research as well as working directly with her and Tahoe, Ferronato received a very specialized education, one in which she tries to duplicate for her students.

Ferronato has worked for and with several veterinarians whose areas of specialty include equine chiropractics and homeopathy. She considers her most recent work, with In Synch Chiropractic.s Dr. Basia Lindberg, some of the most informative about the rider-horse relationship. Based on the idea that identification and intuition are paramount to healing, 3TF.s Equine Massage Classes strive to give our students unique and powerful healing tools to assist horses everywhere, regardless of breed or discipline.

It is with reverence and respect for children and horses that we commit our lives to improving theirs. Our goal with Three Treasures Farms is to assist others by lending our knowledge so that people are empowered to make their lives and the lives of horses better.