Three Treasures Farms Apprenticeship Program

About the Apprenticeship Program

The goal of our Apprenticeship Program is to provide opportunities to disadvantaged teens who would not otherwise have access to the resources it takes to become an equine professional. With this program, students learn how to provide basic care and horse services as well as receive training in a variety of equine related professions.

There are basic skills the students need to learn in order to do any of the jobs. Once students are trained in the basics they are able to choose classes specializing in various areas of the equine industry. Students entering the program will have individual and group lessons learning the skills to prepare and help integrate them into the classes. Students ready to focus on one area are allowed to branch off and work under supervision as they gain more proficiency in their chosen area.

Job Training and Career Placement

Each job is covered in detail in an apprentice style environment. Hand-outs cover the pertinent details needed for each new skill learned. Weekly and monthly assessments are given, and students are examined in both written and hands-on reviews before moving onto the next level. At each level a certificate of completion is provided. As students graduate from our classes and reach an age where they need to find employment we actively assist them in finding positions with horse professionals around the country, suitable for the level of skill they possess.

Examples of jobs available in the horse industry that the program will provide exposure and training for:

Building Skills for Life

Our courses include written, verbal, and applied learning, enabling students with varied learning styles to fully benefit from each class. We stimulate and challenge teens to improve problem-solving skills, interpersonal communication, and cooperative thinking. Students develop self-confidence and a sense of accomplishment as they attain individual goals both pysically and mentally. There is a positive correlation between physical fitness and academic success. The combination of physical and mental conditioning we provide also fosters the students' emotional development in both individual and group settings.

3TF's educational programs teach teens how to develop empathy and compassion for others while learning how to navigate their own emotional landscape. We teach teens the process by which goals are most effectively met, while giving them a sense of accomplishment, empowerment, and self-worth in a safe, non-violent, environment. 3TF enables teens to build self-esteem while practicing setting effective boundaries in a respectful, peaceful atmosphere. We also educate children and their families about healing through the rehabilitation of neglected, abused and unwanted horses. These horses are given the gift of a second chance at a long and useful life in our community, while teens learn to create and nurture respectful relationships with other beings.

It is with reverence and respect for children and horses that we commit our lives to improving theirs. Our goal with Three Treasures Farms is to assist others by lending our knowledge so that people are empowered to make their lives and the lives of horses better.